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November 10, 2012
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“What is it, bambina?”
“I’m hungry.” You said, with a pout.
“Wait just a little longer.” Feliciano said.
You were _____ Vargas, daughter of Feliciano Vargas. And right now you were stuck in a world meeting with him and your uncle Lovino.
“What, _____?”
“I’m boooored!”
Your papa smiled and whispered to you.
“Me too mio angelo.”

Thankfully, the world meeting was over soon enough and you were walking home with your papa and uncle. As Lovino was in front of you, you ran up to him, jumped on his back and squealed into his ear. Lovino practically leaped a mile. By then, you and Feliciano were in tears of laughter. You leapt of your uncle’s back and ran with your papa as fast as if the British were coming. Except it was a mad Italian coming for you both.
“Get back here you bastardo’s!”

When you reached your house, with Feli at your side, you collapsed in a heap on the sofa before quickly thinking of an idea.
“Papa! Quick! Let’s hide from uncle Lovi!” You exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

Before you could hear a response, you had jumped over Pooky the pet cat, ran up the stairs and dived into your toy box. Feli however, not being as small as his daughter, struggled to find a good hiding spot from his brother. As he heard the door open, he hid in the nearest possible spot – the fridge.
“Get your sorry asses out-a here.” Lovino shouted from the living room.  “Hpmh. So you’re going to-a hide from me, huh?” He huffed, starting to look around the house for you and your papa.
“____~ _____~!” Lovi called, walking into your bedroom. The thing is, being six years old, every time you played hide and seek, you would hide in the same place every time - your toy box.
“_____? Oh where could you be~?” He grinned, playing along with you, pretending he had no clue where you were. But muffled giggles supposedly gave the game away. Before you knew it, you were being carried under Lovi’s arm and dumped onto the kitchen table.
“So where is your papa you little diavolo?” Lovino asked, lifting you up and sitting you at the table – not on the table.
“I don’t know but I’m hungry!” you huffed.
“Fine, fine. We’ll find him later.” He said, opening the fridge. Well let’s just say someone got a bit of a shock!

(Time skip to after Lovi nearly craps his pants...)

“Papa. I still have no foooood.” You moaned, and your stomach rumbled with perfect timing which made you giggle.
“I’ll make something.” Your uncle said, walking to the fridge, this time certain no-one was hiding in it. “What do you want, both of you?” Lovi asked.
You and your papa looked at eachother and grinned.
So this is just a little story that I made for a contest! XD
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Oh my goodness O.O

That was So KAWAII!! >.<
Popptyger Jan 29, 2014  Professional Writer
Zadie39 Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wahaha...Cute ^____^

Although....Feli in the fridge? Hilarious! 
tetocat100 Dec 10, 2013  Student Writer
Lol Italy was in the fridge
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